September 06, 2004

Long Hours

It seems that I'm not the only one putting in long hours. This paper Pressure Points: A survey into the causes and consequences of occupational stress in UK academic and related staff is a few years old now, but interesting reading nevertheless. A couple of quotes from the paper:

For academics, the average length of the working week during term-time was almost 55 hours, decreasing to 51 hours during the student vacation period, with approximately 40 per cent of work done during evenings and weekends.

Academic teaching staff, on average, worked the longest hours: 48% reported working more than 50 hours, whilst 13% regularly worked in excess of 60 hours per week. Professors and senior lecturers reported the longest working week, with 26 per cent and 15 per cent respectively regularly working more than 60 hours.

I doubt it's got any better since then. For me, last year was too stressful and I can't keep on working at the same rate. Over the next year I intend to keep a record of the number of my working hours per week, starting today.


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