February 18, 2005

Things students do that baffle me

These include:

  • Failing to turn up to schedule teaching sessions, then wondering why they did badly on the exam.
  • Copying all of their assignment code from another student, get caught, get assigned a zero mark for the work, ....and then whining about how the mark was unfair? WTF?
  • Failing to comprehend the word "no". For some reason they treat the response "No, I'm sorry." as "Try harder! You might get what you want if you push!".Were they not taught manners as children?
  • Confessing to collusion, voluntarily, to my face. (I was too surprised to react.)
  • Being clairvoyant, hunting me down when I am far from my office and should be safe from the constant student queries, and ask for me by name by knocking on the door of the colleague in whose room I have taken refuge. WTF? How do they find me? And furthermore, why isn't it obvious that I'm busy in a meeting with my colleague and thus not available for student queries?
  • Complaining that the exam is unfair because it had some questions on it from the last third of course. (If you want to ignore the last third of the course it's your problem, mate, not mine.)

This post is dedicated to the many students at this university who turn up, do their own work, and have been known to display an understanding of the concept of manners. Gee, it's been a frustrating short-fuse week.


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