September 16, 2004

Working Hours

Adding it all up, the hours I worked last week were 54. I'm not counting time spent at work but not actually working, so the lunchtime surfing doesn't count. And no, neither does writing for this blog. By comparison, someone who worked Mon-Fri 9-5 with an hour for lunch each day would get counted as working 35 hours.

Last week was a bit more intense than a typical week not in teaching time. We had a visitor to our department, and as a consequence I spent a lot of time on research in addition to all the preparations I'm having to make for the forthcoming rollercoaster ride. Yes, termtime is a lot like a rollercoaster. It sweeps you along in a whirl of lectures, seminars, lab sessions, and teaching preparation preparation preparation.

If I manage to make it to the Christmas holidays without collapsing in a little heap, I'll be happy.


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