October 07, 2004

Process Processes

That'll teach me to go to a departmental meeting. We sat there in what I can only presume was rabbit-in-the-headlights silence as our high-ups passed onto us (from their high-ups, originally emanating from the government) news of four, count 'em, four bureaucratic schemes to be implemented in addition to existing administrative, teaching and research workloads. There's schemes for: reviewing timesheet processes, reviewing people processes, reviewing teaching processes, and reviewing research processes. I fully expect (and hereby predict) that one day there will be a bureaucratic scheme for reviewing process processes. No wonder I hate managerspeak and bureaucracy.

Actually, to be fair, some of these won't necessarily have to be implemented by all of us, some other department might get the short straw, but we all know what Sod's Law says!

I'm going to shut that nasty stuff out of my mind and go and have a nice pleasant time with the mental challenge of setting a test paper that is going to be really quick to mark. Maybe I'll post about that later on in the week sometime, it's an interesting bit of pedagogy.


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