November 24, 2004

Things that students manage to do that irritate me (No. 2)


"Ah, there you are! Could I ask you something about..."

Lecturer (carrying heavy bags and needing to go to the loo)

"No, I am not available right now."

Thinks: Not again! Hasn't that student had enough help yet?


"But I just wanna...."

Lecturer (disappearing off in the direction of the toilets)

"No. No 'just wanna'."

Wanted to say: "I am so tired, and I will end up working into the small hours yet again tonight, preparing a lecture that you'll be attending tomorrow. Every minute of time I spend talking to you is time I will lose off my sleep tonight, which I desperately need in order to be semi-coherent for tomorrow's lecture. Why can't you and all the other students FUCKING TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER?"

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks things like this.


At 5:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you really feel this strongly about elements of your job then change them. instead of lecturing 'annoying and irritating' students fuck off out of the lecture theatres and go into research and if this doesn't suit you then stop bitchin about it. Everybody everywhere who works feels underappreciated and overworked even the lowly fast food servers in corporate chains across the globe. Just because you were tired and hadn't managed your time effectively enough so that you wouldn't have to stay up late to meet your deadline doesn't mean that you're 'Mad' or a 'Hero' it just means that you as bad if not worse than the students that ask for extentions because, o' 'hard-done-to-one' it makes you a hypocrite. You are a lecturer that is your job how many of those annoying students are having to work in those lowly fast food chains to pay their fees and essentially your bloody wages? so... the students go to work after their last lecture of the day and then go home after a 6.5 hour shift to start writing the essays you've set only then for them to realise that its 4 in the morning and the lecture that you're giving that they must attend is at 9am! You are not a special case it happens above and below you in the academic hierarchy and though you are totally entitled to feel the way you do you've got to ask yourself is it worth it? if the answer is no then do something about it, if the answer is yes then be thankfull that you are in the minority of people that actually do get some job satisfaction.

At 4:32 pm, Blogger Lossy said...

You're making the assumption that I didn't manage my time effectively enough because of my staying up late preparing lectures. It is obvious that you're not a lecturer yourself.


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