November 16, 2004

Extra-Curricular Learning

One thing I like about Universities is that you can learn about and experience things that are not just those related to your field of study. I've seen a lot of wildlife in and near to University grounds: rabbits, ducks, squirrels, deer, and a wide assortment of birds. Some of those sightings were things I've never managed to see before:

There are occasional advantages to working into the small hours of the morning preparing lectures - badgers are nocturnal.
Green Woodpecker
As large and shy as the RSPB website says it is
Red Kite
The sun kindly uplit this bird as it was hovering, so I could see its classic colouring
Yes it really does have a red wing. Sort of more a red armpit, as far as I could see.

I also heard some very strange noises coming from the darkness outside the lecture theatre yesterday, whilst I was trying to talk about the web, but that was just the local student wildlife.


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