October 20, 2004

Not a Red Letter Day I

Today was not a red letter day. Reasons why:

  • Had to get up at 6am in order to get sufficient work done in time for a meeting.
  • The people who convened the first meeting turned up 40 minutes late. Yes, I could have use 40 minutes more sleep.
  • I don't know what was more depressing, the fact that the first meeting was conducted entirely using University acronyms, or that I understood all the acronyms. At least, I think I did.
  • Students banging on my door all day when meetings are going on.
  • Similarly telephone calls. I never remember that the plug in the telephone socket is removable until too late.
  • Students turned up for project meetings having not done any work. At least some of them were honest about it.
  • Being forced to present something to Very Senior People in a Very Important Meeting and being scared I would say something stupid. I didn't, but I managed to interrupt in several wrong places.
  • A meeting where I was called on the carpet by senior colleagues to explain my checking of a test paper they had written. They were explaining to me what the questions meant, and I'm thinking "Don't explain to me! Explain to the students taking the test! Write the test paper better!"
  • Because of all the meetings, I had to miss out on a meeting of the sports club I go to, and write a sheet for a practical session instead. How to do Drag and flippin' drop. Whoopee doo.

Maybe I should perceive a clue here. Day has lots of meetings. Day doesn't go so well. Hmmmmm, connection?


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