December 03, 2004

Things that students manage to do that irritate me (No. 3)

Email me, 30 minutes before a big deadline, detailing every kind of excuse they can think of, to try and not get penalised when they hand their work in late. Further ask that I hang around for several hours on a Friday evening, or come in specially over the weekend, so that they can find me to hand in their work, if they turn up, of course.

That's not really the irritating bit of it. The excuses and demands are so ludicrous that they are laughable. The real irritation is their attitude towards being responsible and handing things on time leaves a lot to be desired, and as a consequence they think absolutely nothing of causing people extra hassle, and making requests that staff bow to their oh-so-important demands.

Mate, if it was that important to you, that you asked me to give up several hours of my free time for you, then it was important enough for you to hand in your work on time in the first place. Responsibility. Respect. Two words you'd do well to ponder on.


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