July 14, 2005

The heat goes down and up

Things are looking up!

A colleague who was one of the brickbat throwers apologised, and it's looking like they have found someone else to take over the admin role I don't want any more.

After the apology, we managed to brush it under the carpet as some miscommunication occurring along with both of us having been stressed at the time, and we're now on good terms again. Great! He's a good chap, and I did not want to be on bad terms with him.

As for the admin role, I'm not sure who is taking it over yet, but I do hope he or she doesn't turn out to be a muggins. That is, I hope the role turns out to be one better suited to the new person than I was. I think I did pretty well in several aspects of the role, but it was really putting a huge amount of stress on me, and having a negative effect on my health. Hopefully the stressors for me won't be stressors for the new person, and I've got good records to hand over, so the transition will hopefully be painless.

Ooooo, boy, it's so nice to be working and not feeling mega-stressed. Now we just have to get someone to order some cooler weather...


At 3:33 pm, Blogger Camicao said...

I'm happy that you got out of that administrative role. But don't forget what it was like so that you spare me some sympathy for the next three years!


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