August 01, 2005

My Friend is a Saint

Several of my friends are lecturers. One of them has a lot more patience than I have with the type of student who thinks that the University owes them everything to do with their studies with no responsibility on their part. Fortunately this type of student is rare.

Anyway there was this student, who made an appointment with my lecturer friend. He failed to turn up (he overslept), thus wasting my friend's time.

So he made another appointment with my friend. Once again, he overslept and failed to turn up.

So he made a third appointment. He missed this one as well. This time it wasn't his fault, the bus was late, but my friend's time was wasted all the same.

So he emailed yet again, trying to set up a meeting for the fourth time. My friend didn't respond immediately. After a week, he emailed again to say that my friend was being rude by not replying.

I fear he has much to learn about politeness...


At 5:46 am, Blogger Camicao said...

So I see it's not a North American thing, then, students being atrocious.

I hope your friend told the student a thing or two in his final reply. He better have.

At 11:36 am, Blogger Lossy said...

No, it's not solely a North American thing. Although some of the stories I hear from the US make my hair (what's left of it) curl in a way that the worst UK stories don't, so I suspect we should consider ourselves lucky.

Knowing my friend, who is excellent at dealing with such situations, I'm sure the reply email to the student was phrased extremely politely, but in such a way that the student was left in no doubt that it was him that was the rude one.


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