September 13, 2005

Resit Results

Resit exams were pretty dire this year.

One student thought that a "if" statement was an example of a static data structure. This is like someone thinking that making a decision is an example of a storage space (say, a bookshelf).

The same student also thought that a "while" statement was an example of a dynamic data structure. This is like thinking doing something repeatedly is an example of an flexible storage space (like an extendible bookcase).

Another student, when asked to "draw a graph" of some adjacency lists, instead wrote out an adjacency matrix. Yes, "draw" did indeed instruct the student to draw a picture. What did I get? I got a table of zeroes and ones (which is what an adjacency matrix looks like).

These are very basic concepts that they got wrong. It is not surprising that nobody passed the resit exams. In other words, we got it right the first time.


At 4:52 pm, Blogger FactoBrunt said...

if( student.isStupid() )
while( student.isStupid() )
student.pummel( bookcase );

university.eject( student );


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