November 09, 2005

University shower facilities

The university provides showers. There are two showers nearby to the building where I work, one in the gents loos, and one in the ladies.

Today I went over to this other building for a shower. Unusually, the widget on the shower cubicle was showing red. But there were no shower noises coming from the shower. I couldn't see through the opaque door, so I called out

"Anyone in there?"

A few seconds went by. Then came a reply of


"Are you just starting your shower or finishing?"


"Ok, thanks"

So to bide my time, I went over to the mirror and got all narcissistic with it.

After a few moments, one male student exits the shower cubicle, followed a few moments later by a female student!! I think I know what the student was doing in the changing rooms belonging to the other gender (they were impressively quiet, though). They didn't look dishevelled but they did look rather shame-faced and they scuttled off rather quickly. Aw poor students, just their luck to get up to some intra-lesson fun and then have a lecturer appear for a shower!


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