September 27, 2005

Blood Pressure Rising

Edited extract from an email sent to one of my students:

"If you've misplaced your copy of the handbook for students then I suggest that you look at the following web page
(username: astudent password: pass123 )"

I included the password for the web page, because even though all students have been emailed the password already, that email was rather a while ago. Students are apt to forget that they've been sent a password, or they haven't yet developed the ability to save old emails and search them. What did I get back in response from the student? The following:

"...i tried to use the link you supplied but i cannot access this without a password"



At 12:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A single sign-on system might solve all your problems... at my uni, every password protected page can be accessed with our it services usernames...

At 4:43 pm, Blogger Lossy said...

Yes, we have that too. In theory.

The problem arises when there are separate department web servers not run by the IT services. In general the central IT services would not be happy to let any old department webmaster have access to all their precious student usernames and passwords. Especially if it's the computing department, who might actually know what they are doing (or might not).


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