October 23, 2007

Student's Demands

He did it again!

There's a huge self-centredness about this student that really doesn't consider things from the other person's point of view. When he came to see me to discuss his schedule, he asked "Can I just use your phone to phone up the doctor's surgery?". Excuse me? You think it's perfectly reasonable to use my office as a source for free phone calls and I'm just supposed to waste my time waiting for you for however long they put you on hold for? I just don't understand the sense of entitlement that some students (thankfully not all students) feel. How can they be so rude?

Anyway, I was polite. I answered "No, let's concentrate on this. There's a public phone in the building across the street you can use later." In hindsight, another answer could have been "I know lecturers' offices are small, but does this look like a 'phone box to you?".

Still, he did at least express himself as being very grateful for all the advice I was giving him (he needed an hour and a half's worth), which I suppose was at least something.


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