October 12, 2004

Roulette Results, Autumn 2004

No technology mishaps. No misbehaving computers in practical labs. No double bookings. As predicted in the First Week Roulette entry, that little roulette ball found an entirely new slot to inhabit.

When my first lab session was full to bursting, rather than be flattered, I was suspicious. Rightly so! Because of a quirk of the room bookings system, lots of students had the wrong information on their timetable, and three groups of students were all listed as being allocated to the first group. Not only that, but I don't have access to see the students' personal timetables, so it was an error I couldn't have detected beforehand. And when I contacted the timetabling people to complain that students were being given wrong information, I got back a load of codswallopy excuses about how it's supposed to be like that. Grr! How would they like it if they got sent to a meeting that occurred at a different time from that advertised?

I hate it when other people make you look really badly organised.


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