October 11, 2004

When exam rules are flouted

A few months ago there was talk of banning calculators in exams (some students find calculator cases perfect for hiding notes in). Mobile phones are already banned, of course, because of their texting facilities, though I daresay assorted naff ring tones don't do anything for concentration on binary arithmetic, either.

It reminds me of the story a colleague of mine tells, when she was once invigilating an exam and caught a student looking at his mobile phone. Triumphantly, she hauled the student into the nearby corridor, whereby the student pleaded that she not read the message on his phone that he had been looking at. All to no avail, of course, she read the message ... to find that it was an extremely sexy text message from his girlfriend saying what she was going to do to him later on that evening!

Poor soul. I'll bet that ruined his concentration. Such as it was.


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