January 09, 2006

Accidental Hiatus

Autumn 2005 wasn't quite as busy, teaching-wise, as that of 2004, but in being determined to not work every weekend this time, a lot of things piled up, with not much time for blogging, and the piles on my desk now represent about 6 week's worth of work that I should have done by now, mostly worthy but time-consuming tasks. If I have any readers left (if I ever had any to start with in the first place), I apologise to you, and I shall resolve to do better this year.

Things I have learnt today:

  • The underside of the back of my desk is surprisingly clean.
  • The underside of the radiator is filthy.
  • My skull is fractionally less wide than the back panel of the desk is off the ground.
  • The cable from the monitor to the computer is about two inches too short to put the monitor at a comfortable distance for your eyes when the computer is placed just out of range of kicking distance.
  • Those little screws which secure cables plugged into the back of the computer are irritatingly small and fiddly to operate at a distance with one hand outstretched.
  • The plug for the CD player doesn't seem to be plugged into any of the power points on the extension cables, and thus has either an amazingly long lead, or works on magic.
  • It is amazing how much miscellaneous office detritus you can pack into the space underneath the inaccessible corner of the desk.
  • It's amazing how much you can procrastinate with office tidying when there are articles and analysis to be written.


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