April 15, 2005

How to tell if a lecturer is seriously stressed from overwork

Some recognition tips for you. The seriously stressed academic:

  • ...may be found hurrying past any students lurking in the university corridors, lest they try and develop the theme of "Hello" into a fully-fledged query.

  • ...finds lectures and seminars are a delightful relaxing time of the day, a welcome break from the continuous downpour of small urgent administrative tasks.

  • ...is less annoyed by the refusal of the computer to start up Powerpoint (after all, what's one more thing going wrong amongst so many?)

  • ...is majorly annoyed, way out of all proportion, by the nearby car park filling up by 9:01am, necessitating a WHOLE TWO MINUTES EXTRA to walk from the further away car park.

  • ...considers root canal treatment at the dentist to be a relatively pleasant way to spend an hour at the height of exam marking season.

  • ...receives some emails from his or her spouse, in an attempt on the spouse's part to get some kind of contact,... any kind.

  • ...will froth and explode into orbit at the suggestion that university lecturers don't work very hard really, because they have really long "holidays" in between terms.


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